Thursday, January 28, 2010

Done exams :D

This picture was taken at a random intersection somewhere in Downtown, Toronto the night I went to Nuit Blanche avec Daphne et her dad. Thank you for taking me there!

I am officially done with exams this semester and I am off school until February 2nd. :) I am so stoked. I finally get to relax and I am going to be celebrating something with my friends in a few days. Next semester, I have Photography and a spare, but I also have the 2 worst teachers I can hope for... I guess it's not completely good but not completely bad; however, I will be taking virtual school and night school. Or maybe just virtual school, I don't want to take night school again, it was a horrible experience. I mean every Monday for that semester I had to go to school from 9:20-3:35 and then school again from 6:30-9:45. That, was my nasty Mondays... the day right after the weekend. Anyways, tomorrow.. or, rather, today, I am going to hang out with my mom. Actually, I have 4 options tomorrow:
1. Hang out with mommy and aunt
2. Watch LOTR with Priscilla and Lizzy
3. Go to Fairview and watch a movie with Natalie and Charlotte
4. Clean my room

At the moment, cleaning my room seems like the best idea. My room is always a mess during exam week. Paper everywhere, and eraser dusts. I should get to cleaning and organising my stuff, hair products, bath and body products and makeup is scattered everywhere in my room right now.

On Saturday I am going to go out in the morning for some breakfast with my daddy. I think him and I should buy plane tickets to Australia after breakfast. Also, my mother cancelled the cable because no one ever watches anything on TV anymore. I said that I can hook up my Mac and just download anything they want to watch to let them watch it on the TV and that was when my dad had said, "Bring your Mac down and we can watch dramas right now", to which I replied, "... Seriously? I'd have to take my iMac all the way down here and hook everything up and bring it back up after again and again!", he then replies, "I'll just buy another computer then." Zing! Perfect time to ask for a MacBook instead? Or too soon to ask?

Some things I can't wait for is:
taking photography with my lovelies
going to Australia
moving out
MAC warehouse sale with Priscilla (maybe, if we can get free tickets this time)

I can't believe so many things are going to happen this year. 2010 is going to be amazing. :)

My dad is considering removing the carpets... there are some pros and cons. My feet are always cold even with the carpet... so imagine my feet without the carpet. But, then again, I can always wear socks all the time. I also have this really disgusting stain on my carpet years ago from some fruit punch (totally not my fault, in fact, I hate fruit punch). Also, there is debris everywhere and hair (apparently, I shed a lot). With the carpets being removed, my walls will also be painted. Should I repaint my walls white or get some awesome colours? I am thinking of thick stripes... with fun colours. Or maybe I will just setting for a cream colour that will last. I also want some new furniture but I am moving out soon... hopefully (yn).

I've placed an order on the 88 Warm Palette almost 2 weeks ago. Apparently, it will take approximately 10-15 business days to get here, meaning, 2-3 weeks. I hope I get it on Monday (yn).

Here is what I ate so far
Rice with fish sauce
Sardin and crackers
Peas and corn
Guava Nectar

Sardin and rice (2 meals and of course, fish sauce)

Welp toodles,

repost from a few days ago

Right, so it's exam week and I am very frustrated and annoyed with the amount of studying that I have to do. This only adds on to all the other things I am stressed out about... which you know, school and weight issues.

So this is just an update of what I ate for the past few days that I have not been updating. I hope Priscilla remembers what she ate...

23 (from what I remember lol)
Lobster "Yee Mien"

I do not remember

Rice with fish and vegetables
Of course there's gotta' be fish sauce with fish :)
Mango Nectar
Guava Nectar

Friday, January 22, 2010

Weight Plans

Right so last night Priscilla and I were talking about losing weight, we've wanted to for a few weeks now but we will start today. So to make this more "effective", Priscilla and I will be having a competition, who can lose more weight in 2 months. Today is the 22nd of January so it's pretty close to the end of the month... so I will pretend that it is February today, by the end of March we shall see who lost more. I will be trying to update what I eat, and any exercise I do daily so I can report my progress. I've read that diets are more successful if your friends knew about it so they can support you, if you're doing it alone, it won't help. This diet is to be done healthily. We will make up the rules and all that jazz later.

Today, I ate... healthy
Steamed green peas (a lot of it)
3 honey tangerines or whatever they're called.
2x710ml water
Naturally dried fruits
I might eat a granola bar later tonight if I feel like I am starving

I am an emotional eater, my fatal flaw. When I see food, I eat... I think that I need to learn more self control, I need to learn how to eat only when I need it... it's not about what I eat, it's when. I am guilty of emotionally eating... but tomorrow, I won't... I hope. Wish me luck. I have no idea why I am so dehydrated these few days. Time to go get my third bottle of water (another 710ml). I will update this if I eat more.


Thursday, January 21, 2010

Update January 2010

Hello Priscilla, Gary and to whomever this may concern,
This is just an update because it seems like my blog is dead. I guess I don't really find myself having time to update this on a regular basis... Scratch that. That was a big fat juicy lie. I have time. I have plenty of time. I come home, I eat, I watch dramas, actually one drama and I surf the net. Let's be more specific here about what I mean when I say "I surf the net", I spend mindless hours on eBay looking at useless ass stuff that I probably will never need, I watch YouTube videos for hours. Yeah sure, that doesn't sound that bad but what am I not doing? Studying for my exams, trying to get into the prestigious ass universities I've applied to, exercise, and sleeping (enough hours). Does that still seem
like a good way to live? Instead of studying for math (something I suck at), I'm doing other things.

Today, I skipped school to eat dimsum with my mom and then we went home because we couldn't think of something to do, then she left me at home which is where I spent about an hour painting my nails and then plucked my eyebrows. I've also realised that I've gained a few pounds... so I gotta' watch what I am eating again. More fruits and vegetables (yn). There's a few months until prom (although getting into university is what I genuinely care about), I must lose weight. :(

People left and right are getting their acceptance letters and I'
ve yet to even hear anything from universities. I'm really worried that I might have to stay an extra year just to fix my marks. Another thing that scares me is the fact that I have the 2 teachers I hate the most next semester (in about a week). Sorry, hate is a strong word... so I will replace that with strongly dislike. Right so these 2 teachers, I have to find a way to switch out of their classes. I'm also really tempted to take Calculus or Advanced Functions in private school... it is a sure win... right?

Yeah, this is a pretty short and pointless update. I think I will do weekly updates of all my food and document (blogument) my weight loss... Have fun reading it Gary :) Welp, that's that. I am so looking forward to Photography second period and my spare forth period :D I have an English exam tomorrow, I hope it is easy. Wish me luck :)



Monday, January 4, 2010

Bubble baths :D

Oh a little boy taking a bubble bath :):):)
By the way, please excuse any typos since I was typing this as I bathed thanks. :)
Today officially marked the end of the holidays. I must say though it wasn't pleasant. I mean I'd sleep in until 3 pm. Still not working. Not doing anything but eating. I know I probably look fine but i've gained weight yet again. As I am bathing I can see my belly :( full of toxins and fat that I dint need... Perhaps I should try the master cleanse. I have been researching about it since I still can't seem to sleep at the "right" time. Perhaps I shiuld do something more productive during my "insomnia" hours. But really the thought of me looking like thus going to Australia to visit my grandma and cousins whom I've yet to meet before just seems to be a rude awakening and if that's not enough there's prom. Yay. :/ I guess I should try the master clease just to get rid of what I don't need; however, I do believe that the best time for me to do it was the 2 weeks that I didn't go to school. I suppose I have time.

Anyways, today I went to guidance to see if I can get into world issues. There are 5 people on the waiting list. :( that's a lot of people. I guess I'd have to take night school or something for that course. It seems like a really easy course. It's practically a course of things I actually care about. Imagine how good it'd be to write essays about things I do care about. (a). After my shower, sorry, bath, I am going to check what courses are offered in virtual school. I'm going to try to get Chris to retake it with me. Hohoho.

Recently I've been quiet. Quietly observing. My surroundings, my friends everything. I've realised many things. Negative more than positive.I guess the while university thing has gotten me a tad bit pessimistic; however, my 3 "favouritest" friends are still my favouritest friends :) which reminds me, WELCOME BACK DAPHNE :) (soon or maybe you are back but you are jet lagging to reply my text).

Enough about school and people let's talk about now. :)
So I am still in my bath tub. So I was trying to find bubble bath soap or whatever it's called so I can "relax" here but I've failed miserably. So I began to look through my ridiculously large amount of soaps stashed in a drawer and I came across a "shower & bath gel" so you know me, I hopped to my computer and did some research on how to use this "shower & bath gel" welp it definitely works as a bubble bath soap but I must say I did underestimate this soap. I think I might have added a bit too much soap. But the amount of bubbles sure cover up for the fact that I haven't taken a bath in about 5 years. I don't understand why I stopped for so long. I mean look at all the cool things I can do while I sit here. Things like watch YouTube videos and finally updating my blog. Heck, I can even go on msn if I really wanted to. My mom used to complain at how much water I was wasting taking baths but since we've changed the shower head and this shower head is the most environmentally unfriendly thing ever I guess it seems fair that I bathe today and more often. If i showered I'd be spending a good 45 minutes with the shower head running non-stop versus taking a bath were iI leave it running for 15 minutes at most. 30 minutes of water wasting gone seems awesome. It's so relaxing. Originally, I had planned to come home, set up my cool new printer and do my homework that is easy and print it and then take a bath with candle light and classical music...

Here's what really happened. So I forgot my candles and lighter and had to run out to get them because I thought they were essential.

Okay so I am back with the candles and lighter. I light them and lay them on the sides of my bath tub and then turn the lights off... HUGE MISTAKE.


I got back up turned on the lights blew the candles out and just took a regular bath.

My face is sweating. The water I am using mustve been über hot. Feels so good :)

Oh so since it is the new years I guess I will make resolutions.

School related:
1. Get at least 75% in advanced functions (the second time).
2. Raise my international busiess mark up to 80% at least.
3. English mark up to 82% at least
4. At least 65% in calculas (I'm not even going to bother to aim for an unachievable goal
5. Get at least 85% in Writers Craft shouldn't be hard. Miss. Clarke loves ly short stories. :)
6. As much as I'd hate to admit this but I really do want to get into Waterloo... I hope I make it. But judgeing by the marks that I am for it doesn't seem very likely huh? :(

Health related:
1. Definitely lose weight.
2. Drink more water
3. Exercise more even if it is just walking
4. Eat more fruits as vegetables (raw)

1. Get my G2
2. Shop less
3. Stop procrastinating (now that I've realised that I have been stress free for too long, this shouldn't be hard if I really do want to get into Waterloo)
4. Learn to cook

I wanted to tackle 15 resolutions but I guess my mind is empty. 14 will do... for now.

Do you make resolutions and if yes, what are your resolutions for 2010?
How often are your resolutions accomplished?

Welp, time to wash up. I can feel my toes pruning up. :)

Oh right I didn't type anything on Christmas... I guess I will write about that on another blue moon and incase you're wondering there were 2 blue moons during 2009... in fact the second one was about a week and a half ago. :O


ps... a I supposed to rinse myself after taking a bubble bath I mean... there is soap in the water but it should be super duper diluted right? I guess I should since I overdosed on the "shower & bath gel" @@.

Monday, November 23, 2009

Sunday, November 22, 2009


On Thursday, there was a little University fair thing... my friends and I are pretty bummed out at the fact that the cut-off marks have gotten so high. I've never had such low business marks before, my initial goal was to take business because it was easy. My mark boosters became a mark killer...

I've been having second thoughts about business... I think arts are more me? :/

Anyways, today I went to the grocery store with my mom and I think I've seen the saddest thing ever... you know those shopping carts "buggies" as some call it? People don't necessary return it to the main place where these carts/buggies are stored. There are people who are hired to gather them and put them back. Anyways, usually, those people are given some kind of machine that helps them push the carts so not a lot of their energy and effort is used to get the carts to move. Given that it is quite a dangerous job with all the cars moving and such plus the cold weather in Canada I think that those cart-pusher things are a must for this job; however, what I saw today was absolutely disgusting... I could not believe what the super market puts their employees through... today, what I saw was a man; a man who worked for the super market, he wasn't young, I'd assume he was around his late 40's... this man had 'ought to be the hardest working person I have ever seen. He was small yet he had to use all his might to pull and tug on about 20 of these carts/buggies (which is extremely hard) because he wasn't given a cart-pusher thing... How the hell is that even ethical I mean I know for a fact that this supermarket did not pay their employees the minimum wage and even if they did people should not have to use that much effort/strength into working to earn less than $9 an hour. I stood there watching this man pull and tug on these carts and almost cried... I mean imagine your father going to work outside in the dark cold weather of Canada and having to use all that effort just to provide food and a warm decent shelter for you.. that is heart breaking. If that was my father I'd honestly rather starve than to see him go through all that pain and struggles. I wish there was some way I can help him so that his job is easier.

I don't understand why people always refer to Africa when talking about starving people or poverty... It's quite obvious that you don't have to go that far to see someone in poverty. Within kilometres you're bound to find someone in poverty in Toronto. Starving people, homeless people, and people like that man I saw. It's a shame that we are not doing anything to try to help these people and I know I'm not doing anything by just blogging about it but certainly people can start to care and get informed about these people.

I just wish there was some way I could help...

Anyways... toodles :/